Smooth Steering…

16831070_4jazmyn04957656524162_1274481296883971644_nThe photo is of baby Jazmyn–Jordyn’s 2 day old baby. She is much lighter in color now; she looked to be a shiny black when she was born. She is doing well with drinking and seems to have fit right in with the other babies in the barn…Momma is out with the big girls in the free stall barn…

So on to my post…Saturday afternoon after our son Jess got back from work, he was going to spread some manure for me, a huge help. ..First, though, he thought fixing the steering, or should I say the bracket that holds the steering wheel and allows it to telescope up and out of the way when you enter or exit the cab on our JD 4240, was a better idea while he had the time.

By day’s end, the cab was full of tin work, PTO handles, gauges, wire harness, springs, bolts, and nuts, just to name a few of the parts and pieces that had to be taken off to get to the bracket! But…the broken bracket was in the shop on the welding table, all back together , looking shiny and new!! Through the dismantle I helped some, but overall this was his fixit!!!

With nightfall already upon him, he decided to get up early in the morning to put it all back together, so he could still take his son Jeb, to his basketball game at 1.

And that he did the tractor started without a hitch, ran and steered fine and Jeb played a good game; but even more important, had fun while spending the rest of the day driving tractor spreading manure with his Dad…

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