Where Did All the Good Commercials Go?

1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nEveryone has heard them…the loud car salesman with the catch phrase–his commercials run multiple times an hour and sometimes back to back!They can get you credit regardless–even claiming to get dead people approved, which to me is no big deal…we’ve elected dead people in this country before and have many brain dead ones in public office throughout the country, at all levels today…

So, you stop in today, they’ll send you home in a new ride!…Right after that , a lawyer comes on and informs you how much you deserve if you’re hurt in a car wreck or maybe just slip and fall!!

Next it is for just a dollar, two guys will keep you in razors, ’cause those big companies charge too much…Then you’ll need a good nights sleep and this pillow will get you in deeper sleep faster, while keeping you there longer…plus a money back guarantee!!! Which to me sounds like a lead pipe…

This leads me to the new commercial that plays a ga-zillion times a day…yup, the new underwear craze!!! No more adjusting all the time…Not that I have been looking around keeping track but is this really a problem? Soooo…should I be embarrassed or envious? Maybe should just be thankful Carol isn’t going around asking everyone, “Where’s the Beef?”

P.S. Perhaps Ed listens to a bit too much radio while he is working.(Carol)..



One Comment

  1. I loved the “So God made a Farmer” commercial from a few? years back, narrated by Paul Harvey, and the “older” Budweiser commercials too !



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