Nose-y Business–

13912looking-down-on-the-farm-824_305785976441331_2787059959344499319_nSome things in life you never miss using until they’re gone… In this case it’s my nose, well sense of smell, which in farming with animals and crops as well, can be very important!

With cows you can smell the odor from foot warts when milking…maybe a cow that calved a couple of days before might be ketotic and you can smell that many times, even before seeing other symptoms.

Or if you walk into the calf area the smell of scours would then make you look to find which calf has them…another calf barn smell would be ammonia, giving you a heads up on a ventilation problem.

Fresh cows get sores between the legs and their udder sometimes when they first freshen; their udder is usually large and you can smell the irritation.

A feed’s freshness has it’s own smell just as feeds going bad have their’s.

What I have noticed since my sniffer don’t sniff so much anymore, my other senses have gone into overdrive; I would say it is my sight, it is like you notice everything… If a cow is walking with her head down lower than normal or limping, breathing heavy, hear that ? She coughed…

So maybe sniffin’ just ain’t my thing any more, but I saw it coming and I heard it gt here!!!

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