My Farmer and Me– Boiling Sap

16938830_40sap6894566330471_1738182582824037842_nJaiboy and his sister Jayda are boiling sap on their new evaporator for the first time. Jai texted Grampy and I telling us they had started, so we jumped in the truck and went to see for ourselves.

These kids don’t just half complete a job; they tapped the trees with their Dad and Mom and sister Skylar a few days ago, then gathered the sap during the week and today were boiling it. While they kept checking it, they were also getting wood ready to burn in the evaporator.

Taking pride in their work is something that comes easily for them; they know if they do a good job they deserve to be proud. These two are also avid hunters, Jai hunts rabbit and both deer hunt.

I know they make their Grammy and Grampy proud! Can’t wait to try that syrup on French Toast or Pancakes real soon…

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