Spring Fever…

16939519_40geese6745256345402_2134476353613780022_nSixty degrees on Feb 23, ya gotta love it! Worked without my coat and no hat; was oh, so close to shorts! Just kept telling myself would have to go back to pants in a couple of days, which would just piss me off…

It is almost midnight as I am writing this and just stopped working on half dozen more wind chimes; have very little left on the last one, just couldn’t seem to get final touches. Need a walk-a-bout through shop so that thing that is needed will reach out and touch me!!!

If I get the last one finished, I hope to video them with their stories  and get them posted .

More news of interest…Baby Watch 7 is getting close, which is a good thing! It looks like two, maybe three more heifers are creeping closer to their due date.

Jeremy needed some gravel today, so while he was getting his he did me a favor by bringing some down for a job I am doing. Damn…we raised a great bunch of kids!

One other extra job I worked on today was preparing for the rains we’re supposed to get over the next couple of days. Did some ditching so high water will hopefully go around the barns, not through them… Only barn I have trouble diverting water away from is the far end of the free stall where it runs through then down the roadside, until it reaches the old schoolhouse, where I tried to get them to put in a culvert many years ago.

They didn’t, instead they (the town) wanted to move the old concrete step to the schoolhouse. I wouldn’t let them do it because it has a sea level marker in it! Uncle Sam has been in touch with us several times about making sure it stays! The one down at the old White Creek Store is now gone, along with some others, so they’re keeping tabs on this one. They say they use them with orbiting satellites !!!

Who knows; could be top secret and my name might be in that folder…Scary thought!

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