They’re Telling Us Something…

geese are getting big!Saw my first flock of Canadian geese headed north the other day. They were up there a ways, but you still hear them a talkin’; just love that sound this time of year! Why?…Cause don’t think they checked google earth to make sure they’d find water (not ice) when getting up north here, so I’m guessing they know something we don’t!!

I also think the ones that come back here to Bejosh every year are out back now; it was getting dark last night, but I think I could pick them out in the barnyard when I was getting the cows in. The photo above is of the mom and dad with last years babies, taking them out to the water and teaching them to fly!!

Let’s hope, cause old timers always said a good goose lays one egg in February and it’s down to 4, 3, 2, 1–March, Baby. That was my Dick Vitale impression by the way..

These last couple really warm days along with all the water from melting snow; a big part of the frost is gone and just in time with with possible heavy rain yesterday, it will lessen flood problems…(actually we didn’t get a lot of the rain here.)

One big drawback to that nice weather is when it comes back down ( like today – 30 degree difference) to what is more normal, calves and any other animal under any little stress will be affected more quickly, especially respiratory wise; so we’ll keep a close eye on the youngsters!

So as much as I love this weather, we must still focus…

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