My Farmer and Me–It’s a girl…

** Please watch the Baby Watch 7 post first…

As you can see, Kruncher has her baby, only after a few minutes of Ed and I both working with her. Ed did the pulling and I helped get her little face/head through.

I really didn’t plan this very well…I was in Muck boots, hoodie and pj’s…around here attire means nothing. But I bet it was impressive!!! Congratulations Kruncher…fine job!


  1. Congratulations Kruncher. Hooray it’s a girl. That really makes me smile – I’m sure both of you are smiling too. By the way Carol, any clothing in the barn is acceptable. The cows
    don’t care what you’re wearing as
    long as you’re there. Whatever it is anyway it will just get slimed and splattered on. Love the videos. Nothing like babies to say Spring is coming. Nothing like babies to make you smile.



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