Ask and you shall receive…photos of Bejosh Farm t-shirts..

My photos do not do justice to the color but they will help in seeing the logo…However, the front logo will be modified a bit with the blockhead in the center changing to a smaller version of the cow on the back (see photo on right) and the word ‘blockheads’ will be removed. Front logo is on the left pocket area (no pocket) and the back logo is larger and is centered on the shirt.

Thanks for your questions and interest. As was stated in the video, the shirts will be $25 including shipping. They are Gildan Ultra Cotton and we have had many shirts done throughout the years by them. Actually had 4-h shirts made 30 years ago for our club and the kids have passed them down to their kids… Adult sizes S,M,L,XL. Would like to keep it to two colors; a blue heather and a dark green, with white lettering. I will not order until we have at least 12 as the price quoted to us is for minimum order of 12.




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