bejosh grinding stoneYou’re…Warren Buffet…going to give a billion dollars to someone for getting the NCAA Tournament bracket 100% right!!! REALLY!!!

Why not for say, six hundred thousand we partner up to develop  my all natural spring, put up a small place to bottle it, creating jobs in our depressed rural are; where large companies have polluted many local small town water supplies with PFOA and other hazardous chemicals!   REALLY! they can buy clean water locally, not guess where and from whom it came from…REALLY!!!

REALLY…with another three or four hundred thousand we could put in robots to milk my cows, hire a herdsman, then could spend more time writing on my blog about people like you; with more money than they could ever spend…even trying to give it away with asinine tricks like this…REALLY!!!

How about this…REALLY have people write an essay , notice I did not say text or email, I said write…in 200 hundred words or less on what their idea is and why they are so interested in doing it! You along with a panel of experts, choose one for their expertise in gut feeling , good idea, bad idea…REALLY!!

Then if that 200 word essay peaked your fancy, go check it out…REALLY…With the capital and expertise you can offer, help the idea fly!!REALLY…

Then REAL do it ’cause I really think we need more successful entrepreneurs more than the future sports bookies…REALLY…

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