My Farmer and Me…MMMMMMarch…

17098642_beanie-and-willie409963559356905_4792356646950700388_nLittle Willie has the right idea. Just strut right on by and find a sunny location out of the wind… Beanie is checking him out from the back of the barn.  I feel sorry for some of the animals when the weather is so up and down…

I got a bit damp the other night when I went to our Grand daughter’s basketball game, and now my sore throat is back along with a nagging cough…Even us ‘intelligent’ humans don’t quite get it…dress for the time of year, never mind the temperature.

We moved the peacocks back outside a week ago because the old pair were trying to sneak out of the barn every now and then…they were not born here, so they wander away. Willie knows enough to stay, so he gets to roam around and actually has a big circle that he follows out around the buildings. Nice to be able to let him run free.

Can’t wait to get through this weekend and on to better, warmer temps. I will be starting some seeds in a couple of weeks and that always makes me feel more optimistic…

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