17021548_birds-in-the-sun409963582690236_1106976829510581442_nWith these forty+ degree swings in temperature this damned cold I’ve got just won’t go away.Just imagine by now with all the Vicks VapoRub I have plastered over my body, I must smell like a walking drug store and as far as my eyes, you think they look bad from your side, you should see them from mine…

Animals are having just as hard a time. Like the three little birds in the photo, feeling the warmth of the sun when the wind isn’t blowing them away… Cows milk production goes up and down with the temps!

So far only one calf has gotten sick to the point of being treated with antibiotics. She has made a full recovery now, doing very well.

Have two other calves that are at the age that with this cold weekend coming, I’ll continue to monitor close. The bigger, older bulls, steers and heifers that run in small paddocks or pastures with buildings to run into, all seem to be doing okay through this roller coaster ride.

On the bright side it is one cold weekend when we’re what, ten days to the time change and the average daily temp in late March is 50! Most years plenty acres oaf seedings with oats or without, get planted in March. Who knows…if luck and Mother Nature both like me, it might just happen here at Bejosh again this year…

Informational videos, St. Paddie’s Day antics, longer days to work in the shop on creations; all the more reason to kick this cold…Damn, I ‘m feeling better already…YEAH, RIGHT…

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