Right back out the door…

15940821_3hoobillie-enjoys-the-sun-83101195376475_6865787172584227666_nWhen you don’t feel 100% up to par and doing nothin’ just ain’t gonna happen, normal everyday becomes *&#@%ing ‘in a hurry’…

Last Friday, when weather was to turn real cold Carol and I brought two Brown Swiss heifers who have grown up together in for Baby Watch 8 and 9!…Hoobillie (in photo) and Holy HoHo… You’d think these two were mortal enemies…they have been locked in combat for the last 48 hours, earning the way back out the door in the morning now that the temperature is rising again.

They will come back in as singles, barring they don’t try to calve at the same time…I knew when bringing them in last week they may be in the barn for up to 10 days, but with their size they could regulate the barn temps over the cold weekend in there.

Well, weekend in the barn is over and they will return only on an ‘it’s time’ basis. Still, I would like to know what made them do this and hope the reactions toward each other when they get back out, can give me some answers! In the meantime, will look the other heifers over closely to see if any one wants some R&R Spa Treatment for Baby Watch or it just may be on a day to day basis!

On the bright side, worrying about enough wood for the rest of the winter is now a thing of the past!!! Today, (Sunday) Jeremy came down and with his chainsaw with a 24 inch bar, down came a big dead cherry tree over by the brook where we pasture heifers year round opposite the farm.

We had time enough to chunk up a big part of it. Jess and Jayda (Jeremy’s daughter) picked up what brush there was…now, in the next day or so before it rains, I’ll get it all split and put in the shed…will most likely have more wood that have had at any one time during this winter…

Finally only days away from spring…Summer fire pit anyone???

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  1. I live on a beef cattle farm in Georgia & love your blog. Where in the world do you come up with the names for your cows?? Some are a hoot!! I’m glad your family helps you with farm chores, getting firewood, etc. Keep up the good work, especially the blog!! Mary Ann



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