I hope they missed it…

17191087_4New hookups11775755842352_305411270506271679_nAt least that’s what ran thru my head when a tire blew on the skid steer while I was feeding the cows yesterday; they all headed for the exits as well!!! As I limped the machine over to the shop, the cows re-entered the barn; good feed is worth dying for in the cow world I guess. (In my case, a change of pants is needed in mine).

After getting the tire off and cleaning up the rim, Carol headed to get a new tire. With the skid steer being the main machine used in chores, they were put on hold til her return…

So while she was gone I took the truck and got the load of hay for Buddy, Heather and their boys goats ready for them to pick up. Next it was off to the shop to finish pre-fabbing new holders for the milkers that are unlike the older ones, hence the old holders left the milkers out of position to drain when running thru the wash cycles, the way I like.

This must be try number 3 0r 4 but each time I get closer and this idea looks like it may turn into something! Just as the last pieces were going together, Carol came back with my tire, so back to the shop to play Nascar…just love air tools, plus as I have gotten older, I have become quite good at putting things back after using them, so I’ve found tools I haven’t seen since the ’80’s…

With tools put up and skiddie on all fours again, chores got completed which made cows happy.

I got in some happy time listening to the Angel Band while having my supper , thanks to Cathryn Norris; she used to play in this band. Thank you, but also be prepared ’cause I will learn the words to Finnegan’s Wake and you all will be invited to an old fashioned kitchen dance…

I love listening to all kinds of music, but this time of year St. Paddy’s Day, Celtic music, the luck of the Irish…Just love it, kickin’ up your heels while kissin’ the Blarney stone…


    1. The Angel Band is a Celtic band from Portsmouth, N.H. We received the 2 cd’s from Cathryn Norris who was a member of the band and who purchased one of Ed’s wind chimes. It is THE BEST of Celtic music as far as we are concerned. Could listen to it all day long!!! I will try to get more info for you. Thank you for asking.



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