By 2026…

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By 2026…First things first, the milk price forecast for later this year has already been lowered…like anyone with one eye and half a brain didn’t know this was coming!!!

Any given week, inventories are up, someone farts a new forecast on milk output in New Zealand…bang, a new set of numbers!!!

Amazing to me the same experts two weeks ago, were writing on 2017 great outlook to the stuttering they are doing today…Too bad farmers couldn’t get together and cut production say, 4%, cause it would sure be fun watching all those experts then!!!

Now the 2026 part those experts again are saying from 2020  to 2026 all milk prices will average from $18.50 to $19.50 which rounded off would be about a dollar more than they are now, March 2017; which begs the question, ‘What’s going on in 2018 and 19?” We just skipping over them? OH, I get it…it is like one of those player to be named later, with player being price.

What about that elephant in the room 2014 when milk prices were up in the $24 range? Yea, I know…a case of those damned steroids from China…

So if I was to use that old adage, ‘figures lie and liars figure’, in 2014 milk prices will be averaging 5 dollars less than they were ten years earlier in 2014!

Damn…sign me up…sounds like farmin’ to me…

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