Baby Watch 9…Hoho has a bull

Last week we brought 2 heifers into the barn to be Baby Watch 9 + 10. However, they were a bit ornery with each other and Ed put them back out.

Today he brought Hoho back in and without much delay, she has had a bull calf. She had trouble getting his head out on her own, so Ed helped by pulling it and I reached in and lubricated his head with good old Dawn dish soap. Once his head was out it took only a minute or two to complete the birth.

She is an attentive mom and I think she likes the taste of Dawn….


  1. Another bull calf – another future Ox. That new computer is getting closer. Those Swiss bull calves make really handsome impressive oxen. Pat



  2. Hope that HoHo doesn’t start blowing bubbles !! Ha Ha It’s amazing what you can do with Dawn Dishwashing Soap!!



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