Just stand still and breath…

Enjoying fresh hay!That is what I tell young cows and sometimes even older ones when they get prancing around during milking! Those feet flying in front of my face are very unnecessary plus as I have gotten older, them banging against my arms causes pain I don’t like anymore.

If my math is somewhat right with the number of cows we’ve had at different times thru my life, along with the idea that I was milking when my 15 year old brother started working at Sonny’s Motors which at the time, was located where North Hoosick Stewarts Shop is today , so I would have been 8.

That means my milking career is now going into about year 58 minus a short college career,very short; some vacations dotted here and there! Last was a five day quickie to Pennsylvania to see Amish friends, go to PBR event and go to Cabela’s back in 2014.

No days off since, which is kinda how the 58 years have gone so the total my Eddie math comes up with is: I have milked or should I say gone thru the act of milking repeated times on many cows close to three million times, so now you know why I tell cows to just stand there and breath….I’ve got this…sure would be nice if they did, too…

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