My Farmer and Me…Happy heart…

100_0024100_0040 These 2 photos of my grandson Tucker are two of my very favorites of him; the deep in thought and serious one and the giggling, happy-go-lucky little man who can grab you by the heartstrings in a second…

Now 13 years old and close to 6 feet tall, this guy has received some great news in the way of test results regarding the ways in which a disease he has is progressing. Because of the treatment he has received, the progress has slowed enabling him to enjoy being a kid with perhaps a bit less joint pain for the time being.

An answer to prayers however minimal, is cause for celebration. My heart soars for him. A little blue sky in a rather cloudy day is all we ask for. Congratulations Thayne family, for this bit of happy news. May it continue…one child at a time…

Love you TMan…


  1. Thanks for sharing this little bit of blue sky with your readers. That’s the best kind of news grandparents can hear.



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