Explain Please…

When we started the Baby Watch idea back in mid- winter, most were calving with no or minimal help, while the last three have all needed serious help; it took both Carol and I, so the videos were done just after the births!!

Why the last three? Well, they have all been first calf heifers. The last one, Hoho had the calf coming with one leg still back. As luck would have it, I was checking her quite often and noticed only one foot and the nose before she had been straining too hard.

So with an easy push on the nose, I was able to move him back enough to put the small chain on the other leg, pulling it up into the proper position. After getting both legs in the proper position it was just me keeping constant pulling pressure, while Carol soaped up his head and Hoho was finally able to push him out with our help…

As normal, we give fresh cows warm water, oxytocin to release the afterbirth and watch closely as in some cases they may not clean…pass the afterbirth…

In HoHo’s case, I put a natural bolus in her uterus to help release the afterbirth. In a couple days I will check and may put in more, then down the road a week or two, I’ll infuse her to clean up any infection.

If all goes well, she will be fine to have more calves and with out a doubt, much easier than this first one…

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