My Farmer and Me…Enough of this cold…

16939519_40geese6745256345402_2134476353613780022_nI really feel sorry for for the wild geese that have already returned…at first we thought maybe they were an indication of warmer weather perhaps coming early. WRONG. Poor things came north  only to freeze their feathers off in what turns out to be the coldest weather of this winter.

Didn’t see any flying off with their tiny little suitcases, so perhaps they are going to stick it out with the rest of us. I would like to pack a big suitcase and just head to a warmer location for say, a month.

So enough of the wind and cold, already. It really chills me to the bone…I seem to get cold quicker than ever before and stay cold longer. Ed helps with my outside chores when he has the time which I am so grateful for. He says his hands are the only part of him that gets cold. Diabetes…

I suppose we just need to look forward…however, we will all lose an hour of sleep tonite and that can be hard to make up sometimes. But hey…if this is the last of the real cold for this year that lost hour is also one less hour of that too. I will just have to take an hour’s nap tomorrow ! Great idea.

Before we know it, this weather will be a thing of the past. Then I can bitch about the hot, muggy stuff…No pleasing me…I’m going to pack my suitcase.

One Comment

  1. The same is happening here in Wisconsin… I saw our first robins today… In early March… crazy… snow on the way tonight…



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