Chilly, you say…



Not really, I would put it more in the too damned cold category!! Yesterday was the first time this winter the animals came to eat when the feed was delivered to them this morning…then two minutes later they headed back into the bowels of their respective shelters!!!

Silly Sal-ee, who normally runs around with icicles hanging off her ears from playing in her water, spent all day in her shelter chowing down hay. Her neighbors, the young bulls, Barnaby and BLT came out to drink, east some grain then retreated into their hutch to spoon and consume hay.

The three amigos in the larger hutch just stood side by side in there, chewing their cuds. Mongo and Tor and their two buddies get fed inside their barn, so they just are and laid down; didn’t even look outside!

The heifers across the road got silage inside and their hay outside and when I went up to get a load of big wood to split, they were just looking out at the hay, hoping it would come inside, I guess….

The milk cows ate in groups then went back into the freestall and seemed to bunch up  in groups; looked as if they were old ladies trading gossip!!!

Sadie spent much of her day beside the wood stove in the milking parlor. Even the calves, or  should I say calves and young heifers in the barn ate two extra bales of hay today.

The two exceptions were Beanie, who just laid in her normal spot outdoors chewing her cud so fast it looks like she is talking, and Grissom who has an old mattress he lays on, he would even sleep on it at night if I let him; but he comes into the house and lays by the door so if someone breaks in, they would trip over him…

As for me, after feeding all these guys and making sure they were just cold like me, not sick in any way, I split up that load, then retreated to the house myself, to fix that bad bathroom drain; Even working in the cellar beat working outdoors today……



  1. OMG, how can you keep all the names straight on your farm. Actually, I really like everyone’s name and wonder who does the naming. Anyway, hope everyone stays warm in this extremely cold weather. Love your blog like always.



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