Some other things burning my ass besides that 3′ flame…

17264309_4Lawn Jockey15117198841541_7924157001051104131_n…Spring advertisements with their big savings numbers…like post hole digger with the little letters below stating augers sold separately…what the hell?

…be like the tire guy…I buy three, you’ll throw in the fourth…Throw in that auger!!!

…What about those straight run chicks of a certain breed, which are not available in all stores, limited to stock on hand and breeds vary by store…Come on, what is it? You got the ones in the ad or not?!?

Headline reads , ‘Farm Bureau working on  new milk price insurance..’ Hey dudes, check the news on HealthCare Insurance! Shit-can the insurance idea, there are better ways…

…big photo ops with politicians…I raise bulls, got enough of my own bull shit…

…Pictures in farm publications at milk co-op meetings…with soda cans on the tables>>>

Which leads me to this idea…if you  are some consulting firm offering me a lunch and more advice on how to tighten my belt to weather the storm…don’t offer me some pasta dish or chicken…my cull dairy cows are beef, so I’m a milk producing beef farmer!  Offer me beef with cottage cheese as one side, plates full of cheese at every table and full pitchers of milk…Then for dessert…big bowls of ice cream and lots of yogurt for every one else!

…As for the ideas you are going to give me on tightening my belt, don’t bother…I’ve gone to wearing suspenders…but as long as I’m here, let’s have some second helpings instead!

One Comment

  1. You do do much to help the layman understand farming. Could you help explain to people why people sacrifice their lives for their livestock. I know of 5 people who died trying to save their livestock, 2 more in OK as well as the 3 mentioned in Tx. There were fires in Tx, Ok, Ks all on the same day. Over a million acres burned. And nothing in the national news.



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