Conspiracy theory…My version…

And yes, it may get complicated…you are allowed to take noted, advised even…plus there will be a test before spring break!!!

Okay, here we go…every one think back to last summer and early fall…kept saying look up, the stars are so bright in the dark blue, nighttime skies.

Then just a while back mentioned a bright Venus in the western sky, while also mentioning more about the bright stars; the big dipper for example, pouring it’s cold air on us, dripping off the handle as it tips backwards.

Now fast forward….the last couple of weeks the days have been cold, yes, but if it was a sunny day it was just that…not filtered by just a nice blue sky and if a plane was over head, you may hear it, but there were no chemical trails to find it’s location. You had to find it in that nice blue sky!

Then about the time this big storm became every weather forecaster’s Viagra  prescription on that very bright, sunny, cold day; very much the same as several days before every plane roaring thru the sky was leaving long swelling white trails, making huge X’s all over the sky above.

Now follow close, cause really, I am not crazy, just play a fool in real life…Why a big storm now, you ask? Because we’ve become an economy built on holidays, sporting events and vacations!

You heard it this past Christmas season, people spent — to the tune of so many million or even billions! So…with 2 bad ski years in the Northeast, Mother Nature helped by turning on the cold and spring skiing got one last chance.

Like the two photos above, taken 24 hours apart from the milking parlor window. BRRRR.

Oh no…the coffeemaker came on again, their watching me!…Just remember you didn’t hear it from me, but I told you so.

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