Hodge Podge of answers about What, Why, How and Who…

1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nWho thinks up most of the names for animals?…That’s me…How do you remember them all?…Just do, don’t forget my kid’s names and these guys are all my kids….Some names come easy, others may take months and yes, if the names are wrong, they will tell you and you will change it; they have their ways.

One Brown Swiss’s name is Sassy…now that was not my first choice, I don’t even remember what that was. But before I made out her registration paper, she had convinced me on Sassy, and to this day you can see it in her eyes when she looks at you along with other things she may do to the milker while she’s being milked!

What’s going on is…Miss Laweeze was moved in to the barn, starting Baby Watch 9 or maybe 10…Hoping it will be quick, cause two more heifers are getting ‘iffy’ close!

What I am really sick of is plowing snow just days before the official calendar changes to spring!

The why is the hard one to explain…it”s about those wild fires in Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma where thousands of livestock were killed as well as all other wildlife for over thousands of acres…and at least five ranchers and/or ranch hands were killed trying to save them! Why was this not on national news (at least I didn’t see it).

Also a personal why asked of me by Carolyn through the blog…Why do farmers give their lives for their animals?..For me it is that unconditional bond I have with my animals. It is like I’m that coach putting his players in the best position to succeed, so for them to buy into the fact that I choose their life or death…it is going to happen on my terms, not a fire or flood and then I failed them.

When a cow breaks her leg badly, the farmer plays God and puts her down…both me and my Son will go into that fire to save the others! It is what we do…


  1. Thank-you for mentioning the devastating wildfires. I had fallen into some idea that when I boot up the elderly laptop in the morning and MSN pops up I am seeing “News.” Hmmm. Mostly I am seeing Trump and his advisors and lots of silly fluffy stuff about celebrities and not-so-fluffy stuff about criminals, although it isn’t stuff I need to know. It’s negative fluff. Because you mentioned the wildfires I read about them, the people and animals and wildlife that perished and those that did not perish but have an exceedingly uphill battle before them. -//- I remembered my Uncle, 92, who lives in Canyonville, OR. He is profoundly deaf,, and he LOVES cows. He doesn’t have any at the moment, he has goats and a horse. Last time I saw him he was talking about his love of cows and said that sometimes, when he is out driving and sees cattle grazing he just stops, enters their pasture and walks among them. Maybe he is a cow whisperer? I wonder what some livestock owner might think if, looking out over the livestock, he or she caught sight of a tall, bony old man, limping slowly amidst the bovine souls, face suffused with joy, murmuring to them all. -bex



  2. I was listening to farm radio out of Yankton S.D. They said 2,000,000 acres burned and 10,000 cows died. There are several ways to help the sale barns and banks are helping. The announcer told they need money. People are getting hay to send there but they have no cattle to feed it to . And people are getting together loads of cattle but they do not have hay. Those who are affected have nothing left. Some even lost their homes



  3. I’m overwhelmed a bit: too many thoughts! I came here via the Bedlam Farm blog, it was the wind chimes. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to make art amidst all the other things you and Carolyn do on your farm. If you are doubting your art, don’t! It’s easy for me to say but I love every piece I’ve seen that you have made. Some more than others, it’s true, and the chime you made from the lantern that Jon Katz now has ROCKS. 🙂 You mentioned Brown Swiss cattle. It rang a vague bell with me. My father was not a dairy specialist. He was a beef cattle specialist. Born in 1919 he grew up in Montana. We would have lived rurally but my mother would not. I used to go hither and yon on weekends and in summer sometimes with my dad. I remember him taking me…maybe 1964-67, somewhere in there, to see what I believe were Brown Swiss cattle. They were new to the U.S., he said. We used to go to ranches sometimes. I watched the ranch and farm kids cut and wrestle the calves to raise for 4H. I was the shy, inarticulate kid on the fence wondering why I couldn’t wear boots and jeans like the other kids. I was always dressed in feminine twinsets, which I hated! My dad told me why I couldn’t wear jeans and western boots like the other kids: I didn’t need them! I understood but grumbled within myself, anyway. Keep making art as you can and want to! Bless you both, bex



  4. Of course you would go into a fire to try and save every animal you could. Your love of them is the reason i read your blog daily. i feel the same about my dog, cats and birds here in San Francisco. Love all the wind chimes, but i do not think my neighbors would here in a crowded city. Carol is looking into long sleeve t shirts and i will happily order a few and wear them to the animal shelter where i volunteer. Love reading you daily, thanks so much.



  5. That unconditional love is obvious in every single one of your writings. I admire that and have no doubts that you would also risk your life for your animals. Animals that get to live on your farm are so fortunate. When I had oxen people would ask me if they had names and why. That seemed like a strange question to me. Of course they had names – for commands but also so they would know when I was speaking to them. They knew their names. I was not aware of that devastating news about the fires. Must have been deemed that all that loss of life and property was not important. What has happened that we care so little about what really is important. Your blog reminds us daily what real life is all about. Thank you Pat



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