Modern sense…Unlike Common Sense…

17264203_41snow5693848783876_8214192062561001778_nWhat have we done…overpriced wintertime activities, only to replace them with hand held devices and an obesity problem…

In the mid ’60’s my parents gave me a $625 snowmobile for my birthday…nowadays you have to take out a second mortgage to own one!  I haven’t seen an ad for a sled or toboggan in years! I still have one of those metal ones, shaped like a rocket ship…saucer with no brakes included… Boy!!! Wouldn’t Mom’s love those things today?

Could you imagine getting a group of kids going out on snowshoes on a day like the other day, 20 degrees with a north wind blowing? I can hear it now…I’m cold, like I can’t sent a text with these gloves on and my goggles are cloudy…where’s the bathroom…we there yet?

How times change…I would want to go without my parents! A dog, gun, knife, bow and arrow, ax…pick any two , one being the dog and I’m gone…

Here’s hoping some parents will check the attic or garage for  an old sled, even some heavy plastic will work… get those kids out on some even small, hill this weekend! Build some snowmen or ladies, maybe snow angels, a snowfort…have a snowball fight!

Yes I’m the one that bitches about winter and snow all the time, but I also know sittin’ on my dead ass bitchin’ about something ain’t the answer.



  1. I am happy to say I have 5 Grandchildren who just moved to 5 acres with a creek running through it, They are in heaven! Sadly we didn’t get enough snow this year for them to use their sleds nor did it get cold enough for them to use the ice skates I bought them for Christmas. They are home schooled kids, 2 horses soon to be chicken owners. They moved from the city & couldn’t be happier. The laundrey has multiplied because they are in the mud, the creek getting wet always on the move. And by the way my daughter took away the ipads permanently, they don’t even ask for them anymore & all the kids are avid readers! So some kids are still able to be kids!!



  2. I’ll admit that I’ve become more sedentary as I’ve gotten older, but the kids in my suburban area of Northern NJ are as crazy about playing in the snow as I was when I was young. We have a lot of parks here in Essex County and there are scores of children outside as I type this. They are sledding, building snowmen and throwing snowball at each other. I like to go for a walk in freshly fallen snow. I love the power and beauty of a blizzard. But I quickly grow weary of navigating the ice and the slush. As much as I recognize how much today’s youth is dependent on electronic entertainment, I’m always pleased to see the hoards of kids who abandon their techno toys when the snow comes down.



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