Another Sat-ur-day…

And time to acknowledge a ‘semi’ right, get out some updated info along with filling the freezer…

I am semi-right ’cause all the feedback about still seeing kids out enjoying the big snow event we just had all came by way of New Jersey; so we’ll call it a draw ’cause here in New York I’ve seen a few snowmobile tracks but not one person sledding down hill or throwing snowballs!

In the photos,with the bright sunshine, Phil, Ms Kaye, Barnaby and BLT sit outside waiting to see their first robin!!! May be awhile guys…

New update on those wild fires from Russ in Nebraska tells me over 2 million acres burned, the thousand cattle were lost and some some loss of everything, including human lives and houses, etc… Still amazes me it is not a National news story; is this not the same type of damage caused by floods or tornadoes? Russ also mentioned money, hay and cattle type donations.

My personal choice would be getting a load of heifers together this summer so these guys could start their herds up again…I have a Black Baldie breeding age later this summer to start a load!

Lastly, the freezer part has to do with Jeremy, came down and helped my butcher a steer yesterday. Oh yes, his three kids were there to help, also. We take the beef up to fellas who have been cutting our beef for years, Nessle Bros. We actually went to college and took meat cutting courses together; they do great work…

What doesn’t go to the meat cutters, let’s call the innards so we don’t gross every one out, is taken to an area where crows, red-tailed hawks, flutter hawks, turkey buzzards plus many other small birds, my local fox family, sometimes even an eagle or two will share..until this snow goes away…Just another way the farmers feed the world…animal world, that is.


  1. Yes! let’s find a way to give the people that lost their cattle herds a new start. I have Highland cattle, I will donate some.



  2. Hi Ed & Carol, I am wondering what type of hawk a flutter hawk is ? Thanks, Patti
    PS Love Sadie’s videos, and the Baby Watch videos too ! Only 5 months to the Fair !



  3. Hey Ed-I found an article in Mother Jones about the wildfires in the Midwest.

    MJ is one of the magazines/links that I follow on my computer. I enjoy Carol’s and your observations on the BFJ, which I found on Jon’s Bedlam Farm Journal. My husband and I retired to VT. We are in our 70’s and live across the Lake on the “western facing slopes of the Green Mountains” in Addison County. I certainly appreciate how difficult life can be in the farm business. (I have taken to only drinking whole milk from a local dairy-none of that skimmed stuff for me.)



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