Seeing bare spots appearing…

…no matter which direction you look, the last couple of days! In every field I have spread manure, snow  is fading fast and today’s prediction is for more nice weather; tomorrow will be another cold one, then looking up again.

The most important thing though, is eggs stood on end yesterday, my personal prooof seasons are changing…Grandson Jai got his to stay up, his younger sister Skylar did also, in between couch cushions and I’m not going to dispute her! She falls into that category like my father did…the right way, wrong way and in this case, Skylar’s way!!!

As seen in the photo above, Sadie thought she was being sneaky; when we spoke to her, she turned her head as if to say, ‘someone is in the feed bucket? Where?’ Ha! What a character.

Have had great feedback on the blog…thank you. Must get back into the shop now ( snow is going down and temp is coming up) cause thanks to you guys, nine chimes have headed to different parts of the country and hopefully by week’s end a full shirt order will be made.

Many more chimes of different designs will be coming along with other ideas floating around in my head!

Lastly, to answer a question from Patti on what I call a ‘flutter hawk’…it’s real name is ‘Sharp-shinned Hawk’ I believe. The reason I call it a flutter hawk is sometimes they sort of hover up in the air while we are raking hay, with a fluttering motion of their wings, until a mouse pops up then they dive down to get lunch!

Now, the best part of this is the hawk that has pretty much been staying here at the farm three winters now, I’m quite sure is a Cooper’s Hawk, best described as big brother to the Sharp-shinned Hawk! From what I have read, Cooper’s Hawks are a little bigger and stronger.

The reason why I think the guy basically living at Bejosh is a Cooper is that he dines on pigeon regularly; just yesterday in fact. He sits either in the shop or haymow so I can see him up close quite often and his size makes me quite sure. The feather color is pretty much the same. too.

Most of my info comes from Reader’s Digest Birds Book, so let’s hope they are right…


  1. I love your blog-takes me back to when I was a child and spent my summers on my grandfather’s farm in West Virginia. They were the best times of my life!! Keep up the great writing❤❤



  2. We greatly enjoy your blog – pictures as well as writings- both of you. We are on a beef cattle farm in GA & are happy that you are trying to “educate” folks about us farmers!! Keep it up. Mary Ann



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