Herd Check…

100_0075Have just finished  updating my calf book, up to the minute, just waiting for Ms. Laweeze to have her’s…also made out my list for tomorrow’s (Today is tomorrow) herd check with Dr. Jack, my own personal Dr. Pol…

Jack has been our dog vet for ever and did out cattle full time when he first started in the area, I’d guess 40 years ago, then we added cows to our herd so we had to go with a bigger vet practice as Jack gave up some of his herds to do more clinic work, I guess.

But these last years, as we have gotten smaller, I would call him a full-timer again…This time I have a list of about 20 cows and heifers with breeding dates going back to Oct on up to mid February for him to give me a yay or nay on, along with any problems he may find and what could be done to fix it…

Jack knows I am not big on using drugs and has the  experience to give alternatives. It is not just pregnancy checks on some vet visits; he may work on one of our pets like Sadie, Beanie or even a wild one, vaccinate calves, castrate bulls and even help us chase down some headed to the fair…yeah, they lead real well…you name it…

He is also not afraid to get down and dirty and will try anything once!…Like when he tranquilized my first two bucking bulls I raised, to cut their horns along with brand them and give their shots so I could take them to the rodeo. Their names were Buster and Otto.

Buster ( photo above, on right) was an 1800lb. gray Brahma with big v-shaped clown stabber horns on top of his head and Otto was a red, wide as he was tall Angus looking bull who had baseball bats sticking straight out each side of his head!!!

Otto was calm, so-so friendly and went to sleep with one shot from Jack’s dart gun, while Buster was still ready to come after us, so Jack ( an avid calf roper ) through one over Buster’s horns and we threw it around a 6×6 on the side of the barn.

We tried to pull him closer to the 6×6, and he didn’t lay down, so Jack got another rope on his back legs and we were able to lay him down and tie his head around to his back legs.

Now when we started this little adventure, there was four of us, two with bulls and two watching…now the driveway was full of cars and trucks, some along the road with people watching from there, and even a couple of people even got in the corral helping wrestle these bulls!

Now with both bulls secure, we cut the tips of their horns down so they were flat and at least blunted, the size of a half dollar. After this was done, Jack did a health check, finding them both in good health.

Before we pulled off all those ropes and got our butts out of there, I had made a branding iron in the shape of ‘ EG’ in a circle; that way when they became these great bucking bulls, I’d be famous!!!

Well, that didn’t happen but one rodeo they won second and third on Buster and Otto, problem being they only rode three altogether. One score in the eighties, two in the sixties, but I didn’t have to tell you that…Could or should have just said the cowboys won second and third one night on my first two home grown buckin’ bulls…not bad, eh???

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