My Farmer and Me…Baby is good, Mom is not bouncing back…

Ms. Laweeze is having some issues after having this big guy, two days ago. She is one of our older cows and just isn’t bouncing back very well. She is spending her time in another box stall and is on some meds, so the good Lord willing, she will be on the mend soon.

Her calf is doing very well. He is in the pen in the calf barn, until we have to transition another one in to freshen…


    1. Yes, she is feeling better. Ed was taking her back to the box pen to recuperate a bit more on Saturday, and when he took off the halter, she pushed by him and headed to the barnyard to be with the other cows. All a good sign…Thanks for asking. Will try to get a photo of her posted maybe tomorrow. Have a good evening.



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