Hope for the Best…

With winter’s reluctant ways and not just giving way to spring, puts many things like this year’s apple crop, for example, in jeopardy, similar to the late killing frosts we ‘ve had after an open mild winter!

Some years an other casualty here at Bejosh was our Lilacs, yes a few made it just not enough to fill the air with their beautiful scent! Course it doesn’t help that thru the years of expansion, there was a few bushes here and a few there; getting over zealous with the pruning back…I can’t see when pulling out of the driveway, so let’s move those…

So with numbers down to begin with , an off year means in my case, with this useless sniffer, crawling into the bush is about the only way to get a whiff…

With April just days away, let’s hope for the apples and lilacs, those turkey buzzards with wings outstretched trying to dry off in a snow storm, along with those geese and ducks sitting by frozen water’s edge, my cows that have shed enough winter hair so they’re cold…calves in the calf barn that want to get out and run…and me…who needs to put on his shorts, shave his head, cut the beard back to a fu manchu mustache and get a sun tan!!!

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