My Farmer and Me…Parsley on the run…

Today while I was cleaning the calf barn, Parsley (one of Ed’s Brahma/Holstein crosses), broke her neck string and was wandering around, due in part, to the fact that she is like a bulldozer and will run you over with little concern for you or her. Boy, can she kick…a high kick that if connected would probably by my upper body, so no thank you…you want to wander, be my guest.

Then we have the two latest boys…HiHo and Baxter. They are so cute when someone is in the barn. They get excited and both will run back and forth in their pens. By the way, Ms Laweeze appears to be gaining in the health department…eating much better and way more lively than those couple of days after Baxter was born…

The two calves will be moved today, to allow Ed to bring in  a couple of animals to calve inside, I believe a cow and a heifer. So I guess we are on to Baby Watch 10 and possibly 11 in the next few days…

Hopefully this coming week will be a bit less grueling for us…better weather, etc. I think Ed is going to try to get some horns off the calves this week, which will be nice. Tomorrow I have my heart check up and will also be sitting with my daughter as she has a procedure done to hopefully figure out what is causing her discomfort.  We’ll see… Have a good one every one!


  1. I just have to say – one more time – you two are amazing 🙂 Love your blog, learn a lot about dairy farming, and am inspired by your stamina and good humor. And the new babies are so adorable!! Love to all, Ginny Ford



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