Shortening the season… aka… A shorter Rush Hour…

In those six months from November thru April, corn, soybeans, hay and other food stuffs grown to feed a herd of cattle, mostly dairy cows in my case, pretty much don’t grow up here in the northeast. Yet, those animals on my farm and others (most being larger) don’t fast just because we have no way to grow food for them…In fact, they consume more, to keep warm while maintaining milk production.

So this season shortening cold snap is like shutting down one lane on the highway at rush hour…in my case it knows when splitting out fence posts without heavy coat and gloves on…didn’t happen!

Going out into the corn field to pick those stones that got missed last year before mud season, but they can’t be froze in either…still waiting!

Cleaning up pastures of brush  and scrub trees while trudging thru snow at the end of March ,with old north wind chills near zero..yeah, when I was forty, maybe! When my teenage boys were with me it was a competition, then I’m older, wiser now, plus they’re not here, otherwise we would!

What happens is as the weather does change you may get up a little earlier to clean the barn before morning milking…Stay up late that first nice warn night and pull the plows into the shop and put on new iron! Next thing, you are getting tired snapping at the help, if you have them and have them work late, too.

Okay, let’s all stop right here cause the next thing is an accident and been there done that! Every one out there, big farm, small farm, hobby farm or six generation farm, it doesn’t matter…In my lifetime I have seen or heard of way to many accidents…no crop or herd of cows (and I love my cows ) can ever take the place of a family member, friend or employee!!!

Spring will get here…so lets be careful out there…guys like me who work alone…let people know where you’ll be and set a time frame. Group workers competition can be good but safety is better and a ggod night’s sleep can turn the impossible into possible.


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