Not me…

14632827_344219895931272_5629904115405349980_nJust the other day at breakfast I asked Carol if she felt like she was retirement age…Like me she said no even though our bodies give us wake up calls now and then…The mind has become for me, at least, stuck in that most productive time of my life mode where with having all this experience and the luck of good health, I can do it.

That where there’s a will there’s a way mentality! I believe this never say never mental state has much to do with not allowing yourself to fall into that maybe I’m too old for that thinking!

Every morning my mind goes through the day’s checklist and I find myself adding little extra things to squeeze in, with never any consideration that it is not a one man job, or there is only 24 hours in a day!

Just the opposite is constantly trying to manage time better, along with doing jobs with that do it right, do it to last!~!!

Too bad cows and Mother Nature don’t adhere to my rules!…Regardless, as long as I wake with this burnin’ in my belly, I hope I never grow up! Kinda’ makes sense now why I still have a lot of my toys….

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