My Farmer and Me…Ed’s horses are cool…

Ed gets a lot of enjoyment working on his art projects…I think these two are very ‘by Ed only’ pieces and shows his creative side very well. Amazes me more and more…

These two pieces are for sale also; the sleigh and horse is 16 inches long and the other one, horse and sulky is 14″. They can be painted or left with the rustic look. As the wind chimes, they are $75 including shipping.

***I will be ordering the farm shirts on Thursday so they should be finished and ready to send out in a couple of weeks.


  1. Hi Ed, is the horse with the sleigh sold yet? If not i would love to purchase it.Please let me know, thank you so much, Susie



  2. How do I purchase a t shirt I have been waiting for you to order them I am so excited just let me know and the check will be in the mail or whatever I have to do to pay for it. Deb thank you Love this blog.



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