Sights and Sounds…

1414Black Vultures1831_316982418655020_6962265282745645674_nThose three turkey buzzards (photo is from last summer) that have been around almost three weeks now, are drifting overhead…a small flock of turkeys have been strutting their stuff through the corn fields picking through last fall’s leftovers that the deer didn’t get…started to see robins hopping in the bare spots on the lawn…the geese that have hatched here for 5 (?) years, must have a nest somewhere because except for real short periods of time, mostly in the morning, there is just one hanging out by the water’s edge, as if to be just counting down in the waiting room until that nurse comes out and tells him he has three girls and 2 boys!!!

You can hear the birds constantly chirping as they compete for mates!!! Male pigeons strut their stuff across the barn roofs with their ‘coo,coo, coo’ which in bird language must mean, ‘me,me,me’, I guess…The crows even seem to talk a little more, along with performing a lot more aerial antics, fun to watch I might add…

Have yet to see my buddies, the barn swallows; still to cold most likely, but soon their whistling voices will join in. Other  soon to be heard sounds will be bear hoots from one side of the valley to the other! Hawks overhead will screech more as the weather warms…

The nighttime howls of the coyote will enter the house as we open windows to warmer weather replacing that furnace running to keep us warm.

The woodchuck sitting up watching us from the middle of the hay field as we drive down the road! The deer right there in your back yard at dusk…Damned skunk walking up the steps to your deck or that opossum scaring you in the garage…so bad!

This to me,, is why this change of seasons is so special with all the sights and sounds to only get better as we get to turn out our animals for the warm months and see their joy just as the wild cousins have started to do!…No better therapy at any price…

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