Treasures Lost–

17629657_1Happy Birthday...80800048675532_6857192814447858063_nDue to a couple of long days with late nights, I am going to mention things, saying just the other day, or today. ****Also, it is time to say Happy Birthday to my little girl, Maggie and even that is a day late…cause looking at the clock on the wall, we have now become March 30 and her b’day was yesterday. (No worries, I wished her a happy one along with Carol).

Ok…now that everyone is confused, lets talk about the other day when Pete Niles, a longtime friend, stopped in to bullshit and catch up on what has gone down since last we talked, back in the fall during corn chopping…

First let me tell you, at most of these ‘set to’s’ we solve 95% of the world’s problems, predict everything that will happen over the next twenty years, talk about everybody we know, even some we don’t, make speeches to each other that would rank right up there with Abe’s Gettysburg Address and still have time to reminisce about the good old days!!!

This time it was on the great architecture lost, either from neglect of some great big old barns that once stood tall on many  farms in the area, some still active and some not; or due to fires, etc…

…A big two story barn with a concrete floor on the second story, where chickens were housed, built way before our time and it was not a small building…A sheep barn that an old neighbor worked at before our time; again where from up in the second story, while dropping feed down chutes to the sheep, you could work gates on tracks with pulleys and ropes to pen up the sheep in different areas down below…

One barn we didn’t talk about in the area that is still in use has four levels! Such a big, beautiful treasure, that in my world anyway, needs no fresh paint or boards repaired; has plenty of character the way it is…in every sense of the word.

Each one seemed very unique to the operations they were built for, not the cookie cutter construction of today, where the focus is animal comfort…which sounds like a good thing…

BUT is the Ag industry as a whole in a better place…more productive, yes…overall health, definitely debatable…

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