Everyday Challenges–

17626329_4bell and top23795061307088_3153674743297709564_nThe other day, lets say maybe Monday, just before night milking, I put two heifers in the calving pen. Hoobillie, a Brown Swiss, and Pippa, a second generation cross, so she’s 75% Brown Swiss – 25% Holstein.

My thought was Pippa would calve that night, or at least the next day and Hoobillie  the day after!! Wrong…it looks like a third heifer still running with the cows, may have to be brought into the other pen, cause she looks as if she will beat ’em both!

On the general repair and upkeep front, I put a new scraper blade on the bucket of the skid steer…10% off in March for 149lbs of steel, about 8 inches wide, 72 inches long, 7 holes in it to bolt on with an inch thick edge on both sides so you can reverse it; all for $300+!

Comparing that to what I get say, for return to feed baby bull calves , I would have to sell three for top dollar at the auction, to pay for this one piece…

Yes, while I had to use the torches to cut the old bolts off the old scraper blade, I did make another start on a chime, so with the two small bicycle rims I have started, that makes three being designed or should I say tinkered with, now to get that mix of sight and sound I like!!!

Had to make a new style hinge for a gate that gets opened everyday with only one hinge, knowing that will break the one over time, so while cutting metal peices, I also cut out and welded together what I shall call my dinner bell.

I will show every one as soon as they get finished (Carol took a picture of the bell and a new top for chimes, above)…Oh, the hinge got fixed too, but that won’t be for sale, sorry!!

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