Concussion Protocol…

17796223_4Piper26718111014783_4028224135276966542_n***The name Carol liked is sticking to the newest boy…Piper! In photo above…

Concussion Protocol…I don’t remember what happened after impact that nice warm, no hot spring day in my Junior year of high school when our art appreciation teacher sent us out to play a pickup game of softball, because noe one was discussing Mona Lisa on such a beautiful day…

Before impact we’ll call him Dave, like the commercial was pitching to a girl who struck out on three pitches from Dave making the third out for that inning. But,,, because I was catching and could see how embarrassed she felt, so I said “no way…, you got to pitch it where she can hit it…as he walked in from the mound grabbing the bat from her hands…At this point is where things get really fuzzy…

From what others there told me, it was something like…I have the ball and when you give her back the bat, we’ll start playing again art which point he hit me up side my head with the bat!!!

To this day, I don’t think I ever asked Dave why…but did ask him if he could hear the ocean when I was holding his head in a toilet and flushed it (another story)…

First lets go back to my memory after impact…it is the nurse’s office, sitting in a chair with a splitting headache and who’s there? My mother …and the nurse  asks me if I’m riding home with her…the answer is, ‘no I he can ride the bus; I have to go back to work!!! Pretty sure she owned the store at the time and Ann, the lady that worked for her was probably there…oh well!

The bus ride I have no memory of at all, just what Chris, a neighbor to ld me…He said I walked onto the bus, stood up front, told everyone my head was pounding and wanted complete silence!

He said his question to me was ‘what happened’ and I went back, picked him up and slammed him down in a seat and yelled silence!! The bus driver told me the next day he thinks no one was even breathing on the way home!

Do remember going upstairs, crawling into bed, putting my head under the pillow and falling asleep!!!…Until being awakened by my father who was yelling as he got home from driving school bus , why the cows still out and chores not done!

Well, chores and milking got done, some parts of the night I remember, some no! The ten questions about how did you provoke that kid to hit you with a bat, I’ll never forget

First thing the next day in school, even before I got the story on what really happened from the kids there, the school shrink called me to his office. What happened over the next week at about two hour sessions each day, must have been the ’60’s version of concussion protocol…

Every day when I walked into his office, first question was ‘want a smoke?’ as he opened his top drawer to every brand of the time… After saying no to a smoke, but instead telling him I had my own chewing tobacco, want some?’ He would hand me a pen with a pad of paper and ask me to draw something.

Must be with al those stick figures and scribbling, I passed concussion protocol of the 1960’s and even better? Passed Art appreciation, as well.

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