17795945_426Dinner bell718164348111_5098405951721158260_nRain, snow sleet…back and forth we go…one minute look up into what are the mountains in our area, the top one third is snow covered with what looks to be that heavy, wet snow engulfing the trees.

Then it is like a fog rolls in, two hours later…that’s gone and those just snow-covered trees are bare!

Every where you go the ground is saturated! Our nearby brook is running higher and faster by the hour! Constantly seeing ducks riding the rapids down the brook while feeding heifers…only to fly back upstream when they reach the bridge at the fields end, to run the rapids again.

Finding a place to spread manure even on all my gravel ground is almost impossible. Today I scraped a path through the ruts of mud to get to the silage and haylage bags to feed everybody.

Things don’t look that good for this coming week as the forecast has a couple big rain events coming. That, in turn, will most likely cause flooding, along with lots of standing water in low areas in fields…only plus is that nothings been planted yet.

Will all this rain and snow put the water table so we’ll have a good crop year? Will it dry up enough so we get crops in? ¬†Hopefully that will be soon, cause seeding down should be happening now!…fence fixing now…getting ground ready for corn by the month’s end.

Planting corn as soon after, when the soil temperature is 50 degrees and stays there!…cutting hay by third week in May, with weather’s permission.

These are my rules of thumb…a little guy…35 acres of corn, seed down acres varies greatly from year to year…For the farms doing hundreds of acres, that clock is most likely ticking…

One last thing, something to end all posts with from now on either an Ag Fact or importance of the date in Ag…maybe something old-timers said or like today’s animal talk: Over heard one robin say to another today, “Just think, we left the Outer Banks for this!!!”

Oh yeah, the photo is the dinner bell I started last week…Char sent the soldering tool that I used for the ringer…Thanks so much…Christmas in April….

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