17796517_4Hoobillie26723194347608_6722830719258608043_nYesterday, Pippa, one of the heifer group that is now calving, was the first to have her calf with no help needed in any way!!! Yeah!!! Even though the first 3 needed help, I try to let them do it on their own. Like today once I knew she was in labor, I just kept looking in on her ever so often just in case of trouble.

Hoobillie (Photo above) the other heifer in the  pen is also very close…Let’s hope she has a similar result just in the heifer department!

***For the first time in quite a while, we sent a cow to the auction yesterday, which is never an easy part of the business… In this case I had to weigh low milk production from a cow who was still not bred after five services of which 2 were natural, which means by the bull; age, and filing feet and legs.

You never want to let your animals get the the point that their second value and as far as dairy cows are concerned, is beef suffer…Like I have said in other posts, a diary farm is also a beef farm!

Recently I have read one in every five beef carcasses in the nation is a cull dairy cow!! Milk prices pretty much since the very early 2000’s have been so volatile  the beef side of the dairy farm has become that of great importance… Working on this part of the farm along with the components in my milk instead of increasing overall milk production are ways a small farm like myself, continues to exist in the current world of the big farms!

My way of de-bunking that size matters thing….

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