Today (yesterday) was the official unofficial start of the spring push here at Bejosh! Was able, now that the snow and frost seems to be gone for the most part, to clean all the manure from the winter getting it on the corn fields, while some that contains very little hay or straw may get top dressed on some older standing hay fields!

First up was Sal-ee ( Silly Sally) in photo from last winter, who I put a halter on and tied up to the gate on the freshening pen over in the end of the barn…Knowing what would happen, I kept looking over my shoulder, waiting for Sadie to show up! She did within minutes to start a fight with Sal-ee, which doesn’t amount to much if they were both loose, so Sadie had to be put on her ‘I’ve been naughty chain’ until Sal-ee was back in her pen after I got it cleaned…

Now taking the fence panels apart and scraping up with the skid steer is quick and easy…BUT…pitching the little shed out with a fork makes me know why all our other buildings have been remodeled to clean with the skiddie.

The little shed she has was once a chicken coop, maybe 6′ x 10′ and had only four buckets full in it, but that was still three too many! Everyday we clean the calf barn, so it’s not like pitching manure is new, just that box stall type, packed down shit brings back too many bad memories, with lots of broken fork and shovel handles in them…

Right next to Sal-ee’s palace is a small hutch and yard where Barnaby and BLT (other photo) call home! Last night Carol stood in front of their door while they were eating grain inside so their yard was scraped into a pile already, so today just had to flip their hutch over and back drag with skiddie, flip it back down and put in some bedding…Voila…

Silly inSal-ee, Barnaby and BLT fresh and rosey with their spring cleaning all done, plus Sadie’s no longer on the naughty chain…

The official spring rush is underway…without gloves on!!!

One Comment

  1. A naughty chain……. I love it ! It’s hard to believe Miss Sadie could be “naughty”, but goats will be goats ! She always makes me smile ! Happy Spring !



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