1. Hi – Did you hear about the dairy cow that just had quadruplets? Apparently is like a one in a zillion possibility – so guess what they named them – Eenie, meenie, miney and MOO! 🙂



    1. Oh, I love it…I had seen a photo of them, but didn’t know the names. Yes, it is EXTREMELY rare…kind of feel sorry for the poor cow!!!
      We have had a number of twins and a couple sets of triplets…the problem being unless they are all the same sex, chances are they will not be able get pregnant (female) or breed successfully (male). You can have a blood test performed on the animal to find out if this is the case. The calf would be called a ‘free marten’ should it be sterile.
      We had one heifer born ( with a bull twin ) that tested positive for being a free marten a couple of years ago and we put her up in the summer pasture with some other young animals, including a young bull, to put some weight on at the age of about 14 months.
      Well, she came back in the fall with a belly full of baby; so the tests are not always accurate. Thank goodness Ed is one to give them a chance, regardless, for the most part, of the circumstances…



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