Baby Watch 11…A little girl.

17796577_4Baby Watch 118226047530656_89572135987530149_nAxom, another first calf heifer has blessed us with a little heifer. She was able to have it on her own, no help needed. Am hoping she will do as well learning that she needs to go into the parlor to be milked as the other three first calf heifers. They have impressed me with how easily they have made their place in the milking herd.

I believe Ed already named the new baby, but I neglected to ask what it was. This afternoon the newest calves got put into new pens in the calf barn and Hoobillie was moved out to the freshening pen where today’s baby was born. Can’t wait for warmer weather so the bigger ones can be moved outside once again, requiring less one to one work.

One Comment

  1. Congrats on a heifer calf. Good news. She’s a beauty. What beautiful babies you have in your calf barn. I could spend the whole day getting my hands sucked on. Have enjoyed all the calf pics and spring (it is coming) news. Thank you



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