My Farmer and Me…Chickens are happy…

This morning I made a bigger area for my chickens to go out and pick at what ever they can find…I have not let this batch of chickens run loose because there is about 22 of them and a neighbor would be complaining if they rambled into her yard. I think the average age of this group is about 4 years and I am hoping to find someone who might like some free hens…Want to decrease my numbers for the summer and perhaps hatch some of our own babies from Rooster Cogburn and maybe 6 ladies.

In the other photo you can see Sadie laying out in the free stall barn…We think she may be in heat yet again. Poor girl; Willy the bull is across the road with a group of breeding age heifers and some that will freshen through the summer…Little does he know his girlfriend Sadie is looking for him… She always likes to hang out with him during these times and I have no idea why…just the boy-girl thing I assume!

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