Showing off…

The other day Carol let Rooster Cogburn and his harem run free; well, sort of, she put small fence from building to building, giving them a mush bigger yard.

Willie, number one son of Phil and Ms. Kaye, who runs loose on the farm, spent a large part of his day strutting his stuff for the chickens…quite hilarious to watch him honing in on a certain hen to dance for, to get maybe a look of ‘that’s weird’ and not one cluck! One should at least have thrown him a dollar!

Watching the total rejection Willie got, made me keep my eye on him through out the day…Seems the hens just became another stop on his day of rejection.

Caught him up in the hay mow dancing for the cat, I think, but in all reality it was the elevator stored up there. Next it was by Barnaby and BLT pen, as they rested in the sun!…on the barn roof to prancing pigeons…even in the confines of the free stall to contented, cud chewing cows!!!

This all leads me to think that Willie needs a trip out behind the shed for one of those talks and some glasses…maybe contacts.


  1. What a hoot… defiantly also time for a father(human) son(peacock) talk…. 😘

    I want to let you know how much I enjoy your posts…. have not replied for awhile but not because I have not enjoyed what you write… I have actually been able to talk “farm life” with people and can actually respond…. Thanks so much… keep on coming… oh yea Ed…. love your new chimes and your animal creations…. I really want to get one of those… 😀



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