Happy Endings…Baby watch 12 is complete, too.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have two of them…The first was the culmination of three week of rest and rehab for Bob..”Who the hell ( is most likely what every one is saying) is Bob? Well he is an opossum my son Jeremy caught trying to get into his chicken house, back 3 weeks ago when those big snow storms happened.

Not only was Bob hungry, he also had some minor injuries…So Jeremy brought Bob down to the farm asking if maybe he  could hang out here with hopes that with some TLC and lots to eat, which Carol gave him, he could return to life in the wild. That happened today while Carol was off getting what she needed to set up her new washing machine, a life happens or shit happens unwanted project!

But as always, I thought no problem…just have Al, Jeremy’s wife (my daughter-in-law, Duh) video our Free Willy, no Bob moment. Can send it to Carol who can then get it up on the blog…okay to that point of putting up on the blog, so every one is invited over to watch the video on Carol’s phone; you will more than likely see grand  kids pictures, too. Just couldn’t get it posted to the blog!

Our second happy ending was not a walk in the woods…Hoobillie finally had her calf but all didn’t start out very rosey….Knowing she was in early stages when I started to feed cows and heifers this morning, I figured we had plenty of time to  get the feeding done…with Hoobillie being a big heifer I would probably come back to find her all done…

No such luck; came back to find her laid out flat with what looked to be one hind foot just coming into view. With closer inspection es, one hind foot, so off to get the what I thought we would need…

With lots of soapy, warm water and some  major pulling, another live, backward bull calf…Thoughts of the results we had with losing Lurch’s calf went passing through my head several tomes before this calf came out coughing and gasping for air.

That is when you jump into overdrive, cleaning out their nose, throat, rubbing neck or hold them by the feet…what ever it takes…it all came out great! All that pulling on his back legs and he was still up, standing tall in normal time.

Hoobillie passed all the afterbirth rather quickly, and seems to be doing ok..Will spend the night separate from other cows for safety sake….Looking good…A thumbs up day!!!

One Comment

  1. Years ago I used to help out a friend who was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of NJ for orphaned or injured raccoons, squirrels, skunks, woodchucks, chipmunks and opossums. I remember that the baby opossums favorite food was fried chicken because the calcium in the bones was good for them. No doubt that’s why Bob was trying to raid the chicken coop. LOL!
    I’m glad that Hoobillie and her calf are OK.



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