17634789_4Our returning geese are starting another family30180067335254_1300928573626260382_n(Our returning geese have started another family. She is gone for part of the day, but she is sneaking when we are not looking…)Carol

I just got done thumbing through my April 19 edition of Country Folks, which comes every Monday with farm news, articles, auctions, classifieds, farmer to farmer and much more…

Most often this first time thru, I’ll check out the headlines and pick and choose some to completely read now, while coming back later to enjoy more…

Top read this week was being told baby chicks and ducks are not what I should buy for my grand kids for Easter! Really??? Are we that far away from the farm? What makes it worse is in a farm publication, no less….

People don’t know those little yellow things grow up to be Buffalo wings? Come on people…You didn’t see that British guy with the fistful of money he made from farming, who proudly said they taste like chicken and eggs come out their asses, pointing to chickens running around in the barnyard?

Also to enlighten grand parents on ducks, tell ’em just remember back in the day when animal game farms and petting zoos were all over the place? Most often someplace at about midway through the park, there was a stagnant pool full of ducks and geese surrounded by chicken wire; smelled real good under a hot August sun with that green colored, feather filled water and piles of goose shit along the edge!

Now when we were about 10 we didn’t really notice but now looking back I remember…just think the one food shack in the whole place was right there!!!

So from my point of view, writing to keep grand parents from buying baby chicks and ducks for grandkids, instead they want you to buy them the chocolate kind…that way they can all end up Type II diabetics, like we have…

WOW, another family tradition!!

One Comment

  1. Oh my! Too funny!!! Forwarded this to a young friend of mine with two small girls! Last year at this time he went to Rural King and bought the baby chicks! This year he is selling eggs! 😉



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