Time teaches…

(Carol’s older calves are growing like weeds. Spent a great winter in the barn…preparing to be outside…she hopes)

Thru the years a Gulley presented with a task…it is balls to the walls, bull right in, most often without a plan or even a clue of what a plan is…I don’t mean just this Gulley either;it is more a trait, no, more likely a gene, part of our DNA…

Although there are likely many who will disagree, I think time has greatly changed my approach! Take the Memorial Gulley Bridge up at Bedlam Farm…I took Maria’s description of the water hazard, then assembled what I thought would work…took it over with certain idea in my head…Voila…and they say never seen the water so high, but the bridge is holding steady!

Just a thought but maybe they should have me design a pond for all of that water…

Any how, back home with warn weather setting in, calves in the calf barn that won’t be big enough to go out on pasture, plus possible fair animals could go out anytime now; in small pens with hutches for exercise and fresh air.

Well, let me tell you…the last two days I have been cleaning up where hutches and barns are now, while planning not the three ‘hodge podge’ areas we had last year, but possibly five with shared water sources! Even a bunk where one group has one part, another has the rest. Pail holders for grain made from I- beams from that house trailer I wrote about dismantling for a neighbor last year…

So for all those disbelievers that think the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, let me tell ya, this apple landed on the edge and finally after all these years of erosion, I am rolling downhill and there ain’t no stopping me now!!!

Yeah, all the way from a do-er to a think-er…Scary Stuff.


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