Too close or Too far away…

17523009_13Happy Easter67423173300939_4897873937581370780_nFirst business is to wish everyone Happy Easter, which is kinda the theme of this post; the idea of hilidays and farmng the way we do here at Bejosh…

The importance of the day is there, but also, the reality that you have all those animals which still need to be milked, fed, cleaned, some may calve, be sick, get loose or hurt.

So to feed both the mind and the soul it is like you must turn one day into two, even more, you must cut one of those days in half, taking one half before and the other half after the other day… Confused yet??

The amazing part, the too close or too far away part is now with many farms getting bigger with many employees…the idea is that there is still some of us who are there everyday and to get simple things like family functions, even though at the time you do enjoy them…but as we get older the body pays…turning one day into two!

The catch up of things you skip to do later continues for days, not just the next day like it once was…

So from some one who knows what being on call 24/7/365 is, let’s say a little prayer, even just a thank you, to those people in the armed forces, police, firefighters, doctors and nurses and all others who are out there on our behalf. I know when sitting down for a good meal with my family, they will be in my thoughts…

Someone who is not here anymore once told me “You’ll never miss me ’till I’m gone”…Oh how right that is!!!

Whether it is concerning your safety, flicking the light switch, food on the table…’Someone’ is behind it all…


  1. I agree 100%. Thank you for your daily work that helps keep our bodies healthy and the sheer pleasure of Stewart’s ice cream. Thank you too for the oh so sweet pictures of your beautiful calves. Happy Easter and happy Spring.



  2. And thanks to the local dairy farmers, like your family! I could not have made my scalloped potatoes or the coconut custard pie for our Easter dinner without you, your cows, and their delicious whole milk. Cheers to Bejosh Farm!!!



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