What if’s and done whats??

17904170_432633177089943_7907138448255783506_nEvery time I see Carol out taking pictures of Phil our older male peacock prancing around with his feathers all fanned out in their vivid colors doing his best to impress Ms. Kaye, while she walks around seemingly oblivious to his antics, it occurs to me…WHAT IF she is color blind?

On the serious side, I got five pens for calves done to the point of putting them out tonight before chores. Will run water line tomorrow and watered by pail tonight…will also finish up one more feeder. With luck will get video of new area and the different things used to make feeders, like old metal framed chairs…

From the “something you don’t see very often department.”…With the ultra warm days early this week, buds are popping out real fast and saw two gray squirrels who must have been really hungry from our extended winter, way up top in a maple tree eating buds for more than hour before sunset!

How do those twigs hold those squirrels or for that matter, crows and hawks…from down here it is like those twigs don’t even bend…

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