Splitting fence posts…

Ed split a few fence posts out today, in hopes of starting fence fixing perhaps this weekend. He has done this every year when we didn’t have any left over from the last year, and having leftovers isn’t too common.

Because we are ‘hands on’ kind of farmers, when the kids were young we would all go to help, mostly retrieving posts. nails, staples and whatever else Ed might need from the supply cart. As the kids got older, I was relieved of that duty; now we have come full circle and I help a bit…the milk cow pasture and dry cow area behind the barns and once in a while the heifer pasture across the road.

When it comes to the wooded areas and the summer pasture, Ed does most of those with just the dogs who aren’t much help but good company.

The next step after the posts are split will be to sharpen them and I will video that as well…Happy Spring.

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